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We want to make you a Thought Leader in your industry with a bestselling book.

At Write It Great, we're passionate about helping Thought Leaders share their wisdom with the world. Whether you're a CEO, a lawyer, a doctor, an entrepreneur, or simply a visionary thinker, we can give you a platform to share your ideas. 


Our ghostwriting services are designed to create books that not only capture your unique voice, but also serve as an effective marketing tool for your brand or business.


Our books read like New York Times bestsellers, our thorough interview process takes 2-3 days, and our industry-leading writing process allows us to complete a book in just 25 weeks.

While memoirs and how-to books are popular options for business professionals, our unique process is designed to propel authors into a larger, more authoritative space. We take the big ideas from our authors and break them down into core concepts that not only stick in the readers' minds, but associate those ideas with the author's brand. We call these concepts Sticky IP, and we're experts at using Sticky IP to elevate business professionals into Thought Leaders.


Our team is made up of career ghostwriters with a wealth of experience in long form nonfiction and Thought Leadership. No randomly-assigned freelancers. When you sign on a project with us, you sign up for a fully personalized experienced with a member of our team.


We were founded by Andy Earle, a writer, psychologist, podcaster, and entrepreneur who has a knack for helping professionals achieve success through the power of ghostwriting.


Together with a team of experienced writers, we've created Write It Great and have already achieved notable accomplishments like:

  • Thrilled clients who leverage their books for success

  • Happy team members located around the world

  • The chance to work on awesome books every year!


Ready to take your career to the next level? Contact us today at and let's turn your story into a bestselling book!

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Meet the ghosts in the shadows who bring your story to light.

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