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About Us

Our small and experienced team is scattered around the world. What brings us together is a passion for books with ideas that can make people's lives better.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand how difficult writing a book can be. From choosing your best ideas, to organizing them in a clear and convincing way, to putting words on paper, to finding a publisher... writing a book alone feels confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes, scary.

At Write It Great, we're experts at confronting writing's biggest challenges. Blank pages, empty outlines, and cold calls to publishing houses aren't scary; they're exciting! We know how to navigate the writing industry thanks to our unique, industry-leading process.

Our ghostwriting process allows us to build books that capture and articulate your big idea in your voice. Our books read like New York Times bestsellers, our thorough interview process takes 2-3 days, and our industry-leading writing process delivers a book full of your ideas, knowledge, and stories.

Meet The Team

Where We Excel

While memoirs and how-to books are popular options for business professionals, our process is designed to propel authors into a larger, more authoritative space. We take the big ideas from our authors and break them down into core concepts. These concepts not only stick in the readers' minds, they also remind the readers of the author! We call these concepts Sticky IP, and we're experts at using Sticky IP to elevate business professionals into Thought Leaders.


Our team is made up of career ghostwriters with a wealth of experience in long form nonfiction and Thought Leadership. No randomly-assigned freelancers. When you sign on a project with us, you sign up for a fully personalized experienced with a member of our team.

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