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We help people with Big Ideas write books that can change the world.

Secure your legacy

Connect with your audience

Build your brand

An extraordinary book can impact millions of lives. But writing a bestseller, and getting it published, takes a very elusive skillset.


Success Story

Mega Deal Secrets

Jamal Reimer uses his book to fill up seats in his exclusive online master class for elite enterprise sales reps. He says the book paid for itself in a matter of months. When people read the book they come away wanting to work with Jamal directly.

Success Story

Freedom from Clutter

Mel Mason uses her book as a high-value free download to generate leads for her email list. When she speaks to groups of people, she offers them the book as a free gift. This has led to substantial coaching work. She says the book has paid for itself ten-fold.

Do You Have a Bestseller In You?

We understand the massive challenge of navigating the literary industry to write, launch, and market a truly game-changing book. Our ghostwriters spend 3 years training before they are ready to lead their first project.


How it Works

We'll write a bestseller-level book in your voice, using your ideas, with your name on it. Then we'll help you find a publisher and get onto bookshelves around the world.


Get Interviewed by Your Ghostwriters

Our team will fly out to sit down with you and work through our two-day interview process. We'll help you identify your best ideas and shape them into an outline.

Middle-age woman working on a desk

Approve Your Manuscript

Provide feedback as we craft your book carefully over the course of 6-18 months. Proof read the revised and edited manuscript when it's done.

Stacked Books

We'll Walk you into the Perfect Publisher

Skip the frustrating process of chasing down agents and editors. We'll find you a publisher before the book is even written.

Red Carpet Interview

Market Yourself to the Bestseller List

Work with our marketing partners to guarantee you'll see bestseller lists and get your ideas out to the world. Hit the media circuit for interviews.

Is Your Big Idea Haunting You?

Do you have a big idea that's been lingering in your mind for years? Do you feel like you have a book inside of you that could change the world, but you don't know how to get it out there? At Write it Great, we know the publishing industry can seem like a haunted house. We've learned how to navigate it so you don't have to.


Want to know whether your Big Idea is bestseller material? Schedule a call.

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